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Jimal Rohosafi and Amber Ray: Women always have back-up men.

Although some women don’t like to admit it when they’re accused of it, there’s always that guy in the back of their mind who they know will step in and replace their current significant other if things go sideways.

Most of the time they never hint at these next guys and don’t encourage them.

Instead, they keep them close as BFFs or keep them in the friend zone until the need arises to use them.

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This kind of relationship is sometimes created out of insecurity on the part of the woman, who is afraid that her life plans with her significant other will go up in flames, and there is no way she would start from scratch, especially if it was a soft life.

So why not have someone close to you who knows what is going on in your life, so that when the time comes, it is easy for them to step in and continue the journey with you?

Case in point: Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, her infamous ex-boyfriend Jimal Marlow aka Rohosafi and her fiancé who proposed to her a second time, Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber and Kennedy broke up for the third time on 29 March 2023, despite being engaged and having a baby in the womb.

They made quite a fuss about it on social media as they subtly shaded each other, saying the reason for their split would be known once the baby was born.

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Immediately, Amber Ray and Jimal Rohosafi started flirting on social media. Remember, the two had a whirlwind, torrid affair while Jimal was still married to Amira before she finally filed for divorce.

On Instagram, Amber Ray began referring to Jimal as her blesser (basically a man who showered a woman with money in exchange for favours), even though he recently welcomed a baby with his new wife, Michelle Wangari Thiongo.

Amber bragged about the Range Rover Jimal gave her to get around, after Amber claimed she was attracted to men who drove that kind of car, then hung out with him at a football tournament he sponsored and continued to flirt with him on social media.

At one point, Jimal went so far as to claim he was “coming kuongezea mtoto maskio”, a local slang term for men getting intimate with pregnant women to ensure the baby comes out with all the expected body parts.

The flirting continued as curious Kenyans told Kennedy that he should have expected as much from Amber, who is notorious for dating taken men.

As you can imagine, the motivational and soft life quotes dominated all four of their social media accounts following this reunion between Amber and Jimal.

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A month later, on 29 April 2023, Amber and Kennedy reconciled and got back together.

Jimal, our dear friendzoned ex with a fat bank account, has yet to comment, especially after Kennedy proposed to Amber again during her lavish baby shower.

Ataambia watu nini after all the sexually charged flirting he subjected Kenyans to?

This confusing, all-round affecting relationship between Amber and Jimal is proof that women like to keep their back-up men close and wouldn’t think twice about jumping into a relationship with them when they are heartbroken and fearful for their future.

So what should a wise man do in the face of such a relationship between his SO and her BFF or close friend?

Let us know in the comments.

Kennedy may be reading this…

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