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Jimal Rohosafi: Nobody knows how lonely you feel at times

By Winnie Mabel October 29th, 2022 2 min read

Hours after being trolled for becoming a motivational speaker following his infamous failed pursuits at love, Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi returned to Instagram on October 29, 2022, with more motivational quotes.

This time, however, he touched on loneliness.

“At the end of the day, nobody knows how hard you hustle for you sh*t or how lonely you feel at times, or how much sleep you lose, or your daily pressures.

That’s why you should remember to grind for yourself,” Marlow posted on his Instagram stories.

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Marlow, the Association of Matatu Operators Chairman, came into the limelight for his philandering ways.

He is married to Amira- now his estranged wife- and they have two sons together.

It all began in 2019 when Jimal began dating influencer Amber Ray and together, they embarked on publicly humiliating and attacking Amira.

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They were fodder for gossip sites for months, even as Jimal went ahead to hold an official ceremony introducing Amber as his second wife to his family.

Public opinion was always against Jimal and Amber for hurting Amira. Jimal upgraded Amber’s life but left her as soon as she told him she was pregnant.

Amber would later miscarry the baby and claimed it was both a fortunate and unfortunate situation. Jimal began seeking out Amira for forgiveness to the extent of writing a long post on social media asking her to take him back. Amira refused.

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Jimal then turned to another of his rumoured lovers, a lady named Wangari who works in his company.

Despite the two claiming they weren’t together, their actions and words showed the opposite. Right now, it would appear that Jimal is in his feelings because he has been shading Amira lately and posting motivational quotes.

Amberray and Kennedy Rapudo
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo at the Kamba introduction ceremony

Nairobi News previously reported that Kenyans mercilessly trolled Jimal after he posted a motivational quote in the wake of Amber Ray being officially introduced to the family of her boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo, and being given a ring.

“If you are not lucky with love, chase money. Don’t be a loser on both sides,” Jimal said.

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Kenyans descended on him with disses, telling him off for disrespecting Amira with a woman who helped him ruin his family and then went off to be engaged as an official wife.

Many laughed at him for how his life turned out, from bragging about the women he dated, then going on to help him ruin his family, then running back to cry to his wife.

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