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Jimal Rohosafi: Women are still chasing me even after my divorce

By Winnie Mabel December 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Jimal Marlow aka Rohosafi has claimed that women are still chasing after him despite being infamous for his illicit romantic affairs while married to Amira.

He first publicly humiliated Amira, who was then his estranged wife, by dating and ‘marrying’ Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, and joining her in dissing Amira who is the mother of his two sons.

Amber Ray spent much of her time flaunting her relationship with Jimal, throwing shade at Amira – sometimes insulting her – and publicly engaging in spats with Amira and her followers.

The online community generally sided with Amira as they wondered how Jimal could let his mistress disrespect his wife like that.

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But when Amber Ray got pregnant, Jimal bailed out on her and she unfortunately got a miscarriage. Jimal then turned to social media to beg his wife to return to him, apologizing  profusely for humiliating and cheating on her. But that boat had already sailed on.

Jimal then became a motivational speaker, advising people what to do in terms of relationships after being served a dose of his own character development course work.

At the same time, he was linked to another woman named Wangari who is believed to be his employee. He began flaunting her on social media, claiming that she was just a friend. But Kenyans already knew the spots Jimal has that would never change.

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Just as sudden as he began posting photos on Wangari, he stopped when the public dissing became too much for them.

His motivational speaking prowess increased and he began “working himself into the ground” to focus on making money instead of chasing women around.

Earlier this week , Amira celebrated finally getting a divorce from Jimal after years of public humiliation, saying. Days later, Jimal was on social media with claims that women were still chasing after him despite his “bad boy” reputation.

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“You can run out of money while chasing women, but you’ll never run out of women while chasing money,” Jimal posted on his Instagram stories.

Of late, Jimal has been all about chasing the bag with different ventures outside his capacity as the Chairman of Association of Matatu Operators.

His motivational speaking captions on Instagram have been about making money, getting out of one’s comfort zone with some sprinkling of him shading women who love seeking out men with money, how women who love money more than the men should be treated and how sometimes it is important to choose money over love.

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