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Jimi Wanjigi backs Raila Odinga on return of ‘Maandamano’

Former presidential candidate Jimi Wanjigi has thrown his weight behind Raila Odinga, leader of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition, in advocating for street demonstrations to pressure the government into addressing the escalating cost of living.

Wanjigi expressed his support and argued that the financial burden on citizens had become unbearable, warranting a collective effort to demand change.

“I support him (Odinga) 101%. Street action and maandamano are embedded in our Constitution. This pain must be expressed, and let it be expressed on the streets, in our homes, in our churches…we must express it because we seem to have a government that is not listening,” Wanjigi affirmed.

Attributing the rising cost of living to the ballooning national debt, Wanjigi condemned the President William Ruto-led regime for allegedly ignoring the citizens’ suffering.

He called for a return to protests as the most effective way for Kenyans to make their voices heard.

“It is not going to be an easy year, that is a reality. About a year ago, our national debt was Ksh.8.6 trillion, now it is Ksh.11 trillion even after paying Ksh.2 trillion to that debt. That is the biggest threat to our lives and continues to be,” he said.

Wanjigi highlighted that a significant portion of tax revenue goes towards servicing loans, leaving citizens burdened with increased taxation.

He warned that Kenya Kwanza’s policies are pushing the country towards bankruptcy, urging fellow Kenyans to understand that nothing short of a revolution can pull the nation out of its economic challenges.

These remarks from Wanjigi follow Raila Odinga’s recent suggestion of a possible resumption of mass action to compel the government to reconsider its contested policies.

Raila Odinga vowed to work towards ending the high taxation regime experienced in the country in 2023, aspiring to make 2024 a more favorable year for the citizens.

“Tunataka kuona mwaka huu 2024 ikiwa mzuri kuliko ile ya 2023. Tunataka ushuru ishuke na gharama ya maisha irudi chini. Zakayo awache kutoza watu ushuru…Zakayo ashuke…akuje hapa chini pamoja na sisi.”

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