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Jimi Wanjigi speaks on 72-hour police siege on his Muthaiga home

Nairobi businessman Jimi Wanjigi on Wednesday broke his silence on the police siege on his home at Muthaiga estate in Nairobi.

Mr Wanjigi accused the Jubilee government of persecuting him because of his “unwavering support” for Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga in the August 8 election.

“I’m innocent,” controversial business magnate Jimi Wanjigi has said hours after emerging from his hideout after a failed police effort to arrest him.

He spoke at his palatial residence in the upmarket Muthaiga estate on Wednesday.

Mr Wanjigi was accompanied by opposition leader Raila Odinga who spent Tuesday night at the home.

He said: “Thank you my brother (Mr Odinga) for being with my family overnight. Am innocent and I ‘m being persecuted? If it was not for Baba (Mr Odinga) I do not know where some of my family members would be. He came at the right time and stopped them in their tracks.”

He said more than 100 police officers armed to the teeth stormed his palatial home and desecrated it against a “so-called court order” which only allowed officers to search.


Mr Wanjigi also said that officers assaulted his wife Nzisa as she attempted to record the destruction of their home.

The businessman dropped a bombshell when he said that President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr Odinga met at his home after the 2013 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the former’s ruling and shook hands.

He said he was a blessed man.

The businessman, who financed Nasa in the last election, also disowned the house in Malindi where a cache of arms was recovered on Monday.



Mr Odinga also said police had for some time prevented him from leaving the house, during which they claimed were acting on “orders from above.”

He also revealed that when he arrived at the house, he found police officers under the beds “conducting the so called search.”


Before the search, police had told a Nairobi court that they would be looking for guns, ammunition and explosives.

After the search police said they found an M4 — a military-grade rifle — five pistols and a shotgun at his Muthaiga home in Nairobi and that they were hoping to find documents with information on importation and use of the weapons.

Police finally left Mr Wanjigi’s house Wednesday morning.

Mr Odinga said what took was “wanton destruction of private property” adding that Siaya senator James Orengo would move to court and file a case ,against Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet for contempt.