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Jimmy Gait bashed for claiming Kenyans mistreated in the Gulf have loose morals

Gospel musician Jimmy Gait, born James Ngaita Ngigi,  has stirred controversy on social media by suggesting Kenyan women working in the Middle East have contributed to the challenges they face.

The Huratiti hitmaker remarked that female workers in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Lebanon among others, are mainly mistreated because of their randy behavior including having illicit sexual affairs with their bosses’ husbands.

Speaking during an interview with a local news outlet on Friday, August 13, the singer who also runs a job placement agency, accused Kenyan women of what he called “lack of manners” which has seen a majority of them go through horrendous nightmares, including injury and death.

“The main reason is indiscipline. These women go stealing from the Arab bosses and some even sleeping with people’s husbands,”

“The moment you start sleeping with your boss is showing him/her how weak you are,” he stated.

The musician reiterated that although there are several Kenyan men working in the Gulf nations, it was very rare to hear incidents of male workers being mistreated because they “do not sleep around with other people’s wives.”

“There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East. The reason you do not hear about men being mistreated is that they do not sleep around with their bosses’ wives. Most Kenyans go there and they start doing immoral things,” he opined.

His sensational remarks elicited heated reactions with enraged Kenyans lambasting the gospel artist for justifying cruelty meted upon Kenyan female workers in the Middle East.

“Jimmy Gait amesema “Men don’t get mistreated because they don’t go sleeping with their bosses wives.” ku justify wamama kuwa mistreated huko Saudi Arabia na Qatar… Najua ako kazi ya ku ferry workers but what nonsense is that?” wondered Billy

“…., how do you allow someone to justify women being mistreated in foreign land? Jimmy Gait went there to chase clout!” an incensed Shikoh Kihika wrote.

“Hold up, hol’ up ….being raped, sexually assaulted, violence, being mistreated is “discipline”??? What in the gaslighting mess is this? Ama binguni hakuna accountability? And WHOMST do you speak for, and with what authority?”wrote one Wanjiru Nguhi.

“Nothing justifies violence. Nothing justifies killings … Our sisters and mothers are killed in the middle east and all you can say it’s because they sleep with the bosses,” wrote Felista

Kenya has reported an increase in physical abuse from its workers based in the Middle East.