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Jimmy Gait: I am rebranding and set for greater things – VIDEO

Gospel musician Jimmy Gait is back and says he never left the industry.

The award winning musician talked exclusively to Nairobi News and said he had ony taken time off to strategize on his next move.

He is now set to make a major announcement on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

NN – What is the major announcement you will be making on Tuesday?

JG – On Tuesday we will have a press conference, I’m unveiling a partnership I have crafted with one of the best hotels in town called After 40 Hotel, which is situated along Biashara Street.

NN – In a few words can you please tell us what it is?

JG – I know a lot of people have been wondering where I have been, while others said I have gone broke and I have nothing. What I know is that people will always talk when they do not see or hear from you. People always talk and jump into my personal life because I do not talk much about my personal life.

For the time I have been away, what I have done is create partnerships with a few corporates and what I will be unveiling on Tuesday is the first one and others will follow. Jimmy Gait brand is going through a rebranding.

NN – You have been away for a while, what have you been doing?

JG – For the last couple of months, I think I have just been going through a time of reflecting on my brand and reflecting on the past, present and where I want it to go.

At this point it is important to have a fresh feel and do greater things and not only for me but also for my fans and the community. What I want to do is create more impact because a lot of people know me and how do I turn that popularity to impact the society in a positive way.

NN – Does the rebranding also involve music?

JG – Yes. People know me through the music I do, and of course I will be doing more music. I have recorded more than 400 songs and an album is coming.

NN – What can your fans expect after the unveiling?

JG – What I want to tell my fans is that I will be making a major announcement on Tuesday because they have really held me for a long time. One thing that you should know is that I appreciate even my critics because if it wasn’t for them all the doors that are opening for me now would not have.

NN – It is Christmas what are your plans?

JG – I would be working. One other thing that people do not know is that I’m a workaholic and I work too much. I am up at 5am and the earliest I will go to bed is probably around midnight. I love work and I appreciate the value of working hard.