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Jimmy Gait: I was misdiagnosed by Kenyan doctors – VIDEO

Kenyan gospel singer Jimmy Gait, who travelled to India two weeks ago for treatment, says he will not be undergoing throat surgery as earlier announced.

Gait, who flew to India for specialized treatment, said medical tests done on him in India revealed that he was misdiagnosed by Kenyan doctors.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the Appointment hit-maker said after seeking the services of another medic, specifically from India, and after consultations, the doctor said the proposed operation would have left him unable to ever sing again.

“This is because your voice would have permanently changed. You couldn’t have been able to sing. That was truly shocking and I couldn’t believe my ears,” said the singer.

According to the singer, doctors in Nairobi diagnosed him with a strange throat condition and recommended an operation.

The singer then went ahead to share a clip of a doctor describing his problem and one Dr Sanjay Khanna who has been treating him at BLK Hospital in India says that the pain he was experiencing in his throat was actually as a result of increased acid production leading to an infection in his stomach.


Dr Khanna also mentioned that the artiste is responding positively to medication and would be discharged soon.

The singer further said that he was shocked that Kenyan doctors quickly recommended surgery before carrying out any tests on him, suggesting that they were only out for his money.

He explains how he was taken through comprehensive medical tests in India to establish what exactly he was suffering from.

He also stated that some of them seemed to focus too much on making money from their patients.

“I am shocked that a doctor would rather make money from me than give me proper treatment,” he says.