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Jimmy Gait sets the record straight: ‘Not broke, not depressed!’

By Beth Nyambura February 7th, 2023 2 min read

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has said that he is neither broke nor depressed.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the Huratiti hitmaker said he took a break from everything in the public arena to recharge, promising to be back soon.

“People will talk as long as they are not seeing you in the public domain as they were used to,” he said.

Jimmy added that most people suspect depression or being broke as the reason most celebrities stay away from the limelight.

“I am not a public person with my private life. They keep guessing and judge you by what they see,” he said.

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The last time he was trending was after commenting on the issue of Kenyan girls suffering while working in Middle East countries.

In a TV interview, he mentioned that one of the main reasons some girls end up being mistreated or even killed while working in Arab countries is indiscipline cases.

Another reason Jimmy Gait said this was that some girls have an attitude toward the Arabs and even mistreat their children.

“I am perfectly okay and living my private life. I am only public when I am ministering to people. My private life is not public business. My ministry and business in what is public,” he said.

He said he is helping people get jobs in various countries.

“By the Grace of God we have not had any issues with people we help since we follow all the procedures of the people we help,” he said.

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Asked why he has not released music for the longest time, Jimmy Gait said everything has seasons and stages.

“You may look at someone and think they are done, but that is when God is preparing them for greatness,” he said.

He said he does not subscribe to people’s expectations but God’s.

“I don’t owe anyone any explanation as to why I am not releasing any song or why I am not on social media. I am entitled to leave my life the way I want or the way I feel led by God,” he said.

After being trolled on social media severally, the Yesu Ndio Sponsor hitmaker said he was delivered from the pressure people are giving others and pushing them to depression.

“If I don’t do what people expect me to do, then that is what God wants me to do and I will follow that. God is my first audience,” he said.

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