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Jobless city graduate seeks employment in style – PHOTOS

By BONIFACE NYAGA November 10th, 2016 1 min read

A jobless graduate has been camping at the United Nations junction, off Limuru Road, carrying a placard to attract potential employers.

Twenty four year-old Rakiel Kaoka graduated from Kenyatta University with an undergraduate degree in Bachelor in Arts in Economics and Finance.

“I graduated last year with a BA in economics and finance. I also have a CPA 5. I got an attachment last year that ended in August but since then I haven’t gotten anything serious. When I got tired of sending cv’s and getting regrets I decided to go the extra mile, ” Ms Kaoka told Nairobi News.


She has been ‘tarmacking’, colloquial for job search, literally. She chose the junction for strategic reasons, to catch the eye of the high number of diplomats using the road.

Her pictures have gone viral on social media and her phone has since been buzzing with interview invitations and prank calls alike.

“I am looking for a job in finance and accounting,” told Nairobi News.