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Joe Sang makes return as Kenya Pipeline boss

Kenya Pipeline Company Limited has announced the reappointment of Joe Sang as Acting Managing Director with effect from January 23rd.

Mr Sang takes over from Dr. Irungu Macharia, whose 3-year contract expired on January 1st this year.

This comes one month after Mr Sang was cleared of alleged corruption charges last month.

In her announcement on Monday, the company’s Chairperson Mrs Faith Zoinett said that during Mr Sang’s brief but highly effective tenure at KPC (2016-2018) sate remarkable changes in the management and performance of the State Corporation.

“I was part of the KPC board that witnessed the profitability of the Company rise steadily from 2016 when he assumed management, culminating in a record Profit Before Tax of Sh12.4 billion (Sh 8.6 billion after tax) in 2018,” Mrs Zoinett said.

She said that the profit that was recorded under the helm of Mr Sang was the highest profit in the 45-year history of the company.

According to the chairperson, the company’s performance and profitability took a progressive and significant nosedive immediately after Mr Sang was forced to exit in December 2018 to post a Profit Before Tax of Sh6.9 billion (Sh1.6 billion after tax) in 2021, representing a drop of more than 80 percent in a period of four years.

“Needless to say, Mr Sang had managed to professionalize the work culture at KPC translating to high staff motivation and high performance.”

Further, the chairperson said that the company’s board noted the current staff dissatisfaction and low morale, which is reflected in the company’s output.

“KPC’s declining performance requires an experienced hand with a proven performance record to guide the company through this period. Mr Sang has a very good grasp of all the issues and processes at KPC, and in view of his good performance record with the Company, the Board of Directors in consultation with the Parent Ministry determined that he is the most suitable person to be appointed to the position of Acting Managing Director – KPC.”

Previously, Mr Sang worked with WHO-KEMRI as a Project Economist, Financial Accountant with National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK), Management Accountant with Unga Limited, Head of Finance for East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Subsidiary, Head of Group Performance and Reporting for East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Group.

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