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Joey Muthengi: Why I hated all of my brother Holy Dave’s girlfriends

Media personality and actress Joey Muthengi has revealed that she never liked any girlfriend her elder brother Holy Dave has ever dated.

The former TV and radio presenter said she used to judge every girlfriend her brother has ever been with and found herself just hating them.

“I judged all of them and I hated all of them. I don’t think there is one I ever liked. I felt like they were never good enough (for him),” Joey said.

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Joey however admitted that she doesn’t really have any concrete reason not to like them other than feeling they were not the right partners to be with her brother.

“I even don’t know (what it takes to date him), I just never liked his girlfriends. But now if they knew what to do, they would have treated me nicely so then, now I open the gates,” she said.

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The two celebrity siblings enjoy a very close relationship and have always had each other’s back since they became famous.

“Among our siblings we are the ones who are very close to each other. Sometimes we fall out, we fight and don’t talk to a point where our parents are forced to come in,” Joey said.

Joey made her entry into the Kenyan media industry in 2009 as a radio presenter where she hosted and produced the wildly popular youth show at the time Hits Not Homework.

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