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Joho blasts Airline on Twitter

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and Safarilink Airline are involved in a public spat on social media.

The Coast-based politician fired the first salvo, accusing the airline of incompetence.

“In this ever increasingly competitive world, the aviation industry has no place for such unprofessional, unreliable and uncouth behaviour as exhibited by @flysafarilink,” Joho wrote on Twitter.

In its rebuttal, the airline claimed Joho arrived late for a flight and was thus not allowed to board.

“We understand you arrived at Vipingo Airstrip at 4:04 pm, which is part of the departure time. As a premier airline, we offer an on-time service for all our flights. We also need to respect our other customers who were on time and on board,” it said in a statement.

The domestic carrier offered to rebook the governor’s ticket to another date without penalties, but it appeared Joho did not like the response.

“It is unfortunate that you could not make our flight on time, but we are happy to rebook your ticket to another date without penalties,” the airline service noted.

To which Joho responded, “Nice try, but not good enough! A waiver on penalties can never be a substitute for bad service. Are you talking of a counter at Vipingo??”