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Joho cobbles up a new swanky word for Mombasa tourism – VIDEO

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has defended his beautification project of painting buildings in Mombasa with a uniform colour of white and blue.

He says the initiative will make the city ‘Instagramable’ for tourists.

Mr Joho made the remarks in Mombasa on Monday during the launch of the Sh460 million Mama Ngina waterfront project in Mombasa. The event was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Governor argued that  Mombasa has to improve its standards in order to attract more tourists and compete with other developed cities around the world.


He said that his initiative to paint the buildings will not only raise the standards of Mombasa but also make it more appealing for selfies.

“To be able to compete with other cities, you also have to improve on your standards. Watu wanaangalia mpaka linen that you use in your facilities. You want quality tourist? Invest in quality products,” Mr Joho told players in the tourism sector.

He added: “So tumeona dalili za serekali. Mombasa is no longer the Mombasa we all know na munakubali. Na Mweshimiwa rais kuna building chache za serikali ambazo hazitaki kupaka blue and white, wape amri wapake blue and white. So that we can transform the city and achieve what we call a city that is Instagramable.”