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Joho’s campaign disrupted after convoy knocks down party supporter

A man was on Tuesday hit by a speeding vehicle which was part of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho convoy during campaign in Jomvu constituency.

The flamboyant ODM deputy party leader was in a door-to-door campaign when the incident happened. The injured man was among Mr Joho’s supporters.

Following the accident Mr Joho was forced to briefly put on hold his campaign and asked the man to be attended to.

“We cannot proceed. I am told one of our supporters has been hit by a car. Let us go and see if he is seriously injured and help him,” he said.

The man was carried by other supporters and taken to a nearby hospital. Mr Joho later took his campaign to Mikindani.


The incident happened after Mr Joho addressed residents of Bangladesh slums where he urged them to elect Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga in August polls.

Mr Joho asked Mr Odinga to come and campaign for only two days in Mombasa because voters in the county have already settled on him as their candidate of choice.

“We are telling Raila to concentrate in campaigning in other parts of Kenya. We need him here (Mombasa) for only a few days because we are going to overwhelmingly vote for him and ODM,” Joho said.

Mr Joho also said he is confident that he will be voted in for the second term and urged the residents to send the Jubilee Party home.

“We are competing with Jubilee and its brokers who have been sent to Nasa to fight us from within. We are telling them that we are ready for them,” he said.