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Joho slammed for planning to attend SGR launch

Government spokesman Erick Kiraithe has slammed Governor Hassan Joho over his intentions to attend the launch of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Kiraithe said it was not proper for Mr Joho to announce that he will attend the much awaited ceremony through the media yet he was conversant with the government protocol.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday on the preparations of the launch, Mr Kiraithe said the government has a protocol which Governor Joho understands.


“I am not sure whether he (Mr Joho) has been put in the program, but the only advice that I want to give to Governor Joho is that he should not go to the media and tell them that you want to be part of the program.

“I hope he has the capacity to understand how these programs are organized including in his own office. The Presidency is an office owned by Kenyans and it is usually managed according to national and internationals norms,” said Mr Kiraithe.

He added that there was need for Mr Joho to celebrate the launch of the multi-billion project as it will boost the county’s economy through tourism.

“All mischief notwithstanding, the government would want to make every Kenyan feel part of this victory because it is a victory for all Kenyans that we have achieved it under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Mr Kiraithe.


He asked politicians not to bring in politics to projects overseen by the government and instead urged them to talk of “the bigger picture of the project” in terms of development and the benefits.

“We should own this project, this temporary politics about these projects should stop. Perception surrounding SGR should change. We need to change and demystify the negative narrative surrounding this project,” he said.

On Monday while addressing a rally in Siaya town, Mr Joho insisted that he will attend the launch of the SGR as the host governor.

“I want to go there and tell them the truth on how they have swindled our money on these projects and also ask them hard questions on the same. We have to fight for our people in all means possible,” said Mr Joho.


But when contacted, County Director of Communication Richard Chacha said the county boss will not attend the function.

He said the governor was busy with his own programs in his office.

“As far as I am concerned he (Mr Joho) is not going to attend. As we speak, he is in his office,” said Mr Chacha.