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Jose Chameleone’s brother, Pallaso, apologises for beating up Alien Skin

On Tuesday, 30 May, Pallaso Omusiime, the brother of Ugandan music sensation Jose Chameleone, released a statement apologising for beating up fellow musician Alien Skin.

In his apology, Pallaso claimed that he was under pressure at work, which was partly why he viciously attacked Alien Skin in a video that went viral on Monday.

“Hello my dear fans. I am sorry for losing my temper last night. So many things happened off the record and I was under a lot of pressure at work, but that’s no excuse for my behaviour”.

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He continued, “I love you and will try harder not to let my frustrations get the best of me next time. I’m very sad and I’m really, really sorry that I wasn’t able to handle the situation differently and better.”

Pallaso added, “For my brother Alien Skin, I am also really sorry. Darkness can’t extinguish darkness, only light, and I should have known better. I take full responsibility. I am sorry.

Prior to the apology, Alien Skin had taken to social media to threaten Pallaso with revenge for the beating he received, posting captions such as “The war in on!”, “I am a ghetto boy 100%! Knuckle ku knuckle!” and “Pallaso will pay heavily!” among others.

In the viral video, Pallaso can be seen punching and slapping Alien Skin while holding him against a wall to prevent him from running away.

It is not immediately known what caused the violence, but Pallaso claimed, without evidence, that Alien Skin had come with 150 people to attack him.

In the end, the video shows Pallaso and two other people standing up to Alien Skin as the famous musician beats him up and shouts at him.

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In response to Pallaso’s apology, Ugandans reacted differently, as seen below by Nairobi News:

“Calm down, seek forgiveness and you will be forgiven. People suck, don’t fight, walk away or settle differences harmoniously, I saw the clip on TikTok….,ehhhhh it’s important to note: that you have a name and celebrity status to protect far beyond the fights,” said Julie Conrad.

“I don’t care what I was thinking, if someone comes out with an apology, they deserve to be heard. Only the brave admit their mistakes,” added Santo Ssentongo Peter.

“I want you to know that Uganda will lose you just like it lost the late singer Radio. Stop fighting and grow up, man,” said Wassajja Aiden.

In the past, Pallaso, Chameleone’s younger brother, has also been caught on video attacking other people.

The Go Down Low hitmaker is said to have assaulted his domestic helper.

His brother, Chameleone, is also known to attack people viciously. Chameleon was also recently caught on camera beating up a boda boda rider on a busy road in January 2023 and later apologised for the incident.

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