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Josh Wonder’s new bae to the rescue of TikToker’s ex Ajib Gathoni

TikTok sensation Josh Wonder’s new girlfriend Ashley has defended Ajib Gathoni from the constant bashing in her comment section.

In a video on her TikTok account, Ashley said it was wrong to put someone down in the name of lifting her up. Keen not to mention names, Ashley said she does not appreciate the comparison which has been all over her posts.

This comes weeks after Josh started posting videos with Ashley, a move that caught the attention of many who assumed that the two were romantically involved.

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Though the two never confirmed it, many of their fans took it as a confirmation that they are dating.

Others were of the view that Josh had moved on very  fast after his dramatic breakup with Ajib, with some directing nasty comments at Ajib and Ashley.

Stung by the endless criticism, Ashley has responded to the haters, while also coming to the defence of Ajib.

“It is so sad guys honestly. I find it to be sad that you guys have to come to my page to put someone down in the name of lifting me up. Honestly, women we can do better. When you look at those pages it is women. You do not have to compare two people. If you love me do that from your chest and vice versa. You do not have to do it for someone. I honestly do not think that’s right and actually, I feel it’s so manipulative,” Ashley said.


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Ajib and Josh broke up after two years of dating and although they had planned to keep it private, it ended up being mired in drama, accusations, and allegations.

In an interview in mid-April, Josh claimed Ajib had cheated on him with several men while they were dating. He suggested that his love for her led him to compromise more than once or twice, hoping it would stop, but it kept happening until he decided to rip the bandage off.

“In a relationship, it’s wrong to have an affair, for me, I tried to compromise from November to February but it kept happening, I’m a person who can forgive cheating because I know we’re human and it can happen, so if it happens once we can work together to fix it, but it didn’t happen once, it kept happening,” he said.

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