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Journalist Wanjiru Thuku launches children’s book

Journalist and author Wanjiru Thuku has launched her second publication, this time a children’s book titled How Jasto Became an Environment Champion.

Wanjiru said her latest publication is a collection of captivating stories pieced together to sharpen creativity and reading skills of children aged 5 to 13 years.

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“It explores crucial elements of the environment and gives a light yet interesting touch of science fiction. explores the deep valleys of a green rural village, enhancing open mindedness and creativity,” Wanjiru said.

“The book aims to teach kids on the need for caring for the environment, and brings in a creative touch of science fiction, which then opens them up to future careers in space,” the author explained.

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In her first publication, an adult romance book titled Dawn of Fortune, the mother of three, who is also a poet, explored her versatility as far as creative writing is concerned, hence the decision to follow it up with a children’s book.

“As a journalist, I am focused on unmasking the pain and despair surrounding health and giving solutions via the Wanjiru Thuku Network,” she said.

Both books are available at the Nuria bookstore.

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