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Journalists attacked with arrows while covering demonstrations

By David Muchui February 20th, 2020 1 min read

Three journalists narrowly escaped death after a man accused of obstructing a public road in Kawiru village in Igembe Central, Meru County, went berserk and attacked them with arrows.

The reporters from Mediamax and Baite TV were covering demonstrations by area residents who were demanding the opening of the access road, when the man identified as Nathan M’Nkubitu and his son emerged armed with a bow, poisoned arrows and a slingshot.

A camera, camera tripod and two mobile phones were damaged in the pandemonium as the demonstrators and journalists run for dear life.

Meru FM reporter Nkunja Murungi said several arrows missed him as the enraged man demanded to know who had called journalists to expose him.

“We had been invited by residents who wanted the road that serves a public school opened. Immediately we started interviewing the demonstrators, the man emerged armed to the teeth. We were lucky that none of the arrows hit the target,” Mr Murungi said.

He said the locals had earlier opened the road by clearing the live fence but the suspect barricaded it again.


Mr Morris Mutia, a Milele FM reporter and Penina Kinya said their phones were destroyed after being hit by stones.

Speaking to the Nation, Kawiru chief Joel Muroki said the assailant was immediately arrested after the matter was reported to Kiutine Police Post.

“The man was also found with arrows that he used to attack the journalists. He will face the full force of the law,” said the chief.

Mr Muroki said the public road has been obstructed at the point where it cuts through M’Nkubitu’s land.