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Veteran journalist’s daughter schooled on true meaning of ‘responsibility’

A bizarre outburst on social media, by the daughter of a Nairobi-based veteran journalist has evoked the wrath of the online community.

Shirley Waigumo Wachira irked Kenyans on Twitter with her post attacking 30-year-olds who she said do not take their lives seriously.

She used herself as an example, explaining how being a youth with a primary education certificate bearing her mugshot she is more responsible than older Kenyans.


KOT, as expected, told her to get off her high horse.

“Just thank yourself coz life is different and difficult to many,” Maxyzacks said.

“Not everyone wants to be married and to have kids or be employed, we were created to be different,” Muthoni Maryanne tweeted.

“In short RESPONSIBILITY to you is having kids? Me having a few acres where I farm and feed my community is not a RESPONSIBILITY? Me having a business and employing a few people is not a RESPONSIBILITY? But through them I still get my happiness, satisfaction, & fulfillment in life,” ArnnieT wrote.

“Aki life will humble you gaii,” Karigoh commented.


Three years ago the Methodist University graduate made headlines after going missing from her home.

Her father, Patrick Wachira, the Special Projects and Assignments Editor at People Daily, made the alert saying that Shirley did not return home after leaving in the morning for the University.

The family later called off the search after she called a day later to say that she safe and sound.