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Jowie makes changes to his Instagram page

Barely a week since he was handed temporary freedom by the courts, Joseph Irungu has made a comeback on social media.

But then, Irungu, commonly referred to as Jowie, and who is out on a Sh2 million bond, has also made changes to his Instagram account, which includes altering his identity.

The standout change is that of his name, which has switched from Jowie.Joe to Kush.Irungu.

He has also deleted several photos in the account and crucially changed the status of the account, which boasts about 30,000 followers from a public to a private one.

Incidentally, there is little sign of the existence of fellow murder suspect Jackie Maribe in the new account.

TV journalist Maribe and Irungu were an item before the two were arrested and charged in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica Irungu in September 2018.

The two had even streamed their engagement live on Instagram but it now appears both are now uncomfortable without each other’s photos on the very platform.

Maribe and Irungu are both out of bond pending the completion of the murder case at the High Court.