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Joy as baby delivered safely aboard a Mombasa-bound bus

A baby boy was on Saturday delivered in a Mombasa bound bus to the amusement of all passengers and the crew.

The mother, who was in the company of her younger sister, went into labour and was assisted to deliver by a nurse on board.

The baby and mother were later admitted at Makindu District Hospital where a hospital staff told Nairobi News the two underwent post-delivery management.

“Both of them are fine and are waiting for their relatives so that they can be discharged later today (Monday),” the hospital staff told Nairobi News.


Modern Coast Bus took to Facebook to share the photo of the newborn christened “Baby Modern Coast” while thanking its customers for being patient and volunteering to assist the mother.

According to a passenger who commented on the bus company’s post, a nurse who was travelling in the same bus volunteered to birth the baby.

The passenger wrote; “At first it was like a movie no one expected her to go into labour but yes she was one strong young woman who really did her best to push the baby. And the son is a champ he didn’t let the mother down and all of us at the bus. When I heard his cry God knows the excitement that got me. Big up to the lady who really did assist her to deliver God bless you.

“Big up to her younger sister who as well didn’t let go of her side and yes she will someday be a good nurse she did great. And for the driver too at least I had your name as the conductor said he should be called Martin. Mr Martin thank you for taking her to Makindu Hospital.

“All the passengers including me of course we didn’t mind getting late but to ensure both the mother and the son are well taken care of. Yes the kid needs a free ride for the rest of life that’s how it goes right. Modern is all my choice of bus and it has never done me wrong. God bless you baby Modern.”


The bus company said it will offset the hospital bill and is on a hunt for the volunteer nurse to appreciate her work as well.

A medic at the hospital who commented on the same post said the baby and mother were stable.

She wrote; “I’m a staff working at Makindu sub-county hospital, we warmly received Baby Modern Coast Saturday night and was well resuscitated and recuperating in the ward…congratulations Liz….as am typing she’s just seated beside me.”