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Joy Kendi ‘robbed’ at gunpoint

Content creator Joy Kendi says she was robbed at gunpoint in Westlands over the weekend while having her routine workout.

Kendi who doubles as a Youtuber said through her Instagram stories that she was accosted by two men who were on a motorbike and robbed her belongings.

“The real reason I was offline for a little bit was that I had an incident. The only reason I am bringing this up is that I feel it is good to share it just as a public service announcement for people to be safe in the streets when they are going for their runs, walks, whatever, especially as a female.

“If you can remember a couple of days ago, I said I was going to walk to Westie (Westlands) as part of my workout for the day so that I can just include that as part of my day-to-day stuff and I was super excited about it,” Joy said.

Joy advised the public to always have company when you walk out there for walks and avoid carrying valuables.

“Anyway, on my walk, I was robbed at gunpoint by two guys on a bike. So if you are going on walks or anything like that please be safe. Do not go on your own, do not carry anything expensive. I did not lose much,”

She did not however confirm whether she had reported the matter to police.

Her predicament comes just weeks after popular actor Ainea Ojiambo was forced to fire his gun twice in public after he was accosted by two men who tried to snatch his necklace.

In CCTV footage, the actor was having a conversation with an unidentified lady outside a shop when two thugs attacked him.

Unknown to them, Ojiambo, was armed and he pulled out his gun, firing in their direction.

Unfortunately, he missed and ended up shooting a security guard and a passerby.

The thugs managed to escape but the guard, who was hit in the eye was left writhing in pain in a pool of blood before he was taken to hospital.

Last week, Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said a special police unit had been set to handle rising cases of muggings and robbery with violence in Nairobi.

According to the IG, the special team will help eradicate cases where pedestrians are attacked and their valuables stolen, and motorists robbed of their car accessories while stuck in traffic jams.

It will also help fight crimes by people using motorcycles.

“We have a special anti-mugging squad that handles robbery with violence incidents including the ones that involve boda boda riders,” Mr Mutyambai said.

“We have been engaging the operators through a sensitisation programme dubbed Usalama Barararani, on abiding by the rule of law.”