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Joy to the Odinga family as Rosemary’s eyesight improves

By RUSHDIE OUDIA February 19th, 2019 2 min read

The Odinga family can breathe easy after Rosemary Odinga showed significant recovery from partial blindness at the silver anniversary of her grandfather and Kenya’s first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga over the weekend.

The first born of ODM leader Raila Odinga suffered a brain tumor that caused a mild stroke in the run up to the last elections, forcing her to drop her ambitions for the Kibra parliamentary seat.

The illness left her partially blind and relying on her right eye for a blurry vision.

Rosemary’s recovery was evident over the weekend as she made her way to the St Stephens Cathedral ACK Church in Kisumu without wearing dark glasses as before.

Her father held her left hand as she used her right hand to hold onto a white cane (A device used by people who are blind to scan their surroundings for obstacles or orientation marks).

She even used her mobile phone many times, scrolling through and reading messages effortlessly.

At one point she scaled the three-steps-stairs in the church alone as she went to offer her thanksgiving contribution. She later delivered her speech guided by her cousin Jaoko Oburu.

Rosemary with her cousin Jaoko Oburu.

Rosemary steered clear of her health condition and concentrated on paying tribute to her grandfather who she described as kind man.

It was Dr Oburu Oginga, the family’s spokesperson, who later revealed that Rosemary has recovered.

“As you know Rosemary was sick but we thank God she has now recovered fully,” said Dr Oginga.

He added: “She is a true Odinga and a fighter. This is evident in the spirit she has fought this illness with.”

Dr Oginga described Rosemary as a brave woman whose individual strength helped her recover well when she was ailing and at her lowest.

Her mother Ida said: “Last year, we missed this annual church service because it was that day that Rosemary underwent a major surgery in China. But it is through your (congregants) prayers that she was healed.”

The Odinga family is still exploring treatment options to fully restore Rosemary’s eyesight.