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Joyce Omondi reflects on losing her dad

TV journalist Joyce Omondi has shared how she lived through the tough moments of losing her dad.

Omondi explained, via social media, that she resorted to early morning exercises so as to distract herself from thinking about the inevitable loss of a loved one.

The exercises, she explained, provided a fallback option as the things she liked, including listening to music, talking to friends, and praying proved harder.

“Believe it or not, one of the ways I’ve found helpful in dealing with the psychological, emotional, and physical turmoil of the last few months is early morning workouts,” she explained.

“At a time when listening to music, talking to people and even prayer was just really hard, I desperately needed to find an outlet and some sort of way to build mental resilience.”

“I wanted to do home-based workouts this time and scheduled them for early in the morning to try and set a good tone for the rest of the day. Watching the light break through the sky was therapeutic in itself, and when I’d really struggle to get through a routine, I’d look up at the sky and tell myself that my Daddy is looking down on me, cheering me on like he always would ❤️. And then voila! I’d browse the workout ??,” she went on

However, she says she still has a long journey to go to regain her full constitution both physically and mentally.

“It’s still a long journey, but I’m so glad to see myself stronger not just spiritually, mentally and emotionally, but physically too,” she explained.

Omondi elected to stay off social media after losing her father in June 2021.