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Joyce Omondi to Nairobi women: ‘Don’t be afraid of marriage!’

Renowned gospel singer and media personality Joyce Omondi, who is married to Waihiga Mwaura, shared heartfelt words of encouragement about marriage on Citizen TV’s Rauka show.

In the October 8 TV show, she urged Nairobi women not to be apprehensive about the institution of marriage.

“Marriage is a blessing that people should not be afraid of. Out here, some individuals speak negatively about marriage and the commitment it entails. They express reluctance, preferring to stay single, claiming to be ‘miss independent,'” Joyce Omondi remarked during the live show

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In response to this discussion, Anastacia Mukabwa, who now goes by Anastacia Kakii after her marriage in December 2022, shared her perspective on the matter, echoing the sentiment that “two is better than one.”

“Marriage is more than just a physical union; it’s a partnership ordained by God. Before taking that step, it’s essential to thoroughly know the person you are marrying. If you notice any red flags or issues that seem insurmountable, it’s better to address them before marriage or even consider letting go. Compromising and entering into a union with unresolved problems can lead to turmoil in the marriage,” Anastacia Kakii advised.

She emphasized that personal responsibility plays a vital role in the success of a marriage and encouraged individuals not to blame God for their choices.

Joyce and her husband, Waihiga Mwaura, exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha on December 18, 2015.

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Speaking with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Joyce emphasized the special nature of her union with Waihiga, stating, “It’s not a secret that I’m married, but I keep things private because I only made my vows to Waihiga.”

Joyce further explained, “For me, my marriage to him is something very special, a covenant that I have with him and God. I want to treasure it, and I did not make my vows to everyone. It’s something that I guard and cherish.”

When asked about the secret to her successful marriage, Joyce openly credited God as the foundation that keeps her union with her husband strong.

“Put God at the centre of everything. That’s my most significant piece of advice. I don’t know how people manage without God. For me, it was the best thing ever. Marriage requires effort, but with God, it works,” she affirmed.

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