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JSC recommends suspension of Judge accused by Sonko of being corrupt

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has approved the suspension of a Judge who was mentioned in reported corrupt dealings in a recording released by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Further, JSC, through Chief Justice Martha Koome has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to pursue the case involving Justice Said Chitembwe for further action.

“Accordingly, the Commission resolved to send the Petition to His Excellency the President for his further action in accordance with article 168(4) of the Constitution,” Koome said.

Justice Said Chitembwe was adversely mentioned in a series of video clips containing a conversation involving Sonko and a lady identified as Mary Nkatha.

In the clip shared by Sonko on his socials, Nkatha is heard responding to questions and implicating several high-profile names in a bribery racket in the corridors of justice.

Nkatha mentions Chitembwe whom she suggests is one of the people that can be ‘talked to’.

A reserved Sonko leads Nkatha to brief him on dealings in City Hall. At some point the duo flirts, indicating that they were in good talking terms.

Nkatha later claimed that she was under duress while talking to Sonko.

Sonko had earlier exposed the rot in the Judiciary implicating High Court Judge Said Chitembwe.

Sonko, Francis Wambua, Imgrad Geige and David Leboo Ole Kilusu last year filed separate petitions at the JSC seeking Justice Chitembwe’s removal over alleged bribery in succession and land disputes that the judge handled.

The judge unsuccessfully applied to have the JSC dismiss videos attached as evidence in some of the removal petitions, arguing that the data was obtained illegally.