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Jua Cali defends wife on ‘intimacy’ debate

Singer Jua Cali has come out to publicly support his wife’s stance on intimacy.

Jua Cali, real name Paul Nunda, is a popular hip-hop artist in Kenya.

His wife Lily Asigo is also not only a well known public figure, but one that has been issuing out ‘love advice’ including a recent one on how many times couples should get intimate in a week.

To which the Safsana hitmaker agrees, adding that coitus is one of the factors that glue adults together.

“When I read what my wife wrote (read on intimacy) my heart skipped a bit,” the singer reflected.

“Most couples will understand the statement. I felt this thing has targeted couples who are living together and intimacy glues lovers and the more you do it the tighter the glue becomes.”

Asigo got netizens talking when she shared, via her social media pages, advice to the effect that couples should practice intimacy at least four times a week.

Her post elicited mixed reactions from fans with some agreeing with her, while others thought four times a week was way too much given how busy people are trying to make ends meet.

And in a later interview, Asigo said she didn’t expect her post to blow up and get people talking, but reiterated that couples need to communicate on the need to practice intimacy regularly.

“I did not (expect the reaction). It was a surprise I woke up and my phone was just buzzing. I asked my husband, ‘Am I trending somewhere?’ she said.

She added, “Me saying we should exercise intimacy four times a week it’s healthy, yeah it’s positive. Everyone had their own opinion but for me, it is healthy to have intimacy and you need to communicate with your partner, to find out if once a week is enough or if four times a week is enough or not because most couples are not on the same page when it comes to intimacy.”