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Jua Cali: How not owning a car made me not bag an advertising deal

Kenyan rapper Jua Cali has shared how not owning a car made him not bag an advertising deal.

Flashing back to 2004, Jua Cali born Paul Nunda, shared how even after he left the interview room ‘confident’, he would not bag the deal.

Expressing the disappointment to his mother and Calif Records partner Clemo’s mum, Jua Cali said the two assured him that his time would come.

Though he truthfully answered that he did not own a car, the Ngeli ni ya Genge asked his fans to never give up on their dreams since after a while, he bagged deals and was on billboards.

“Around 2004 there was this campaign and some artists were shortlisted including me but before you get the gig you had to go for an interview. So the interview was at The Chancery Valley Road. I boarded a matatu and went to town then walked to Chancery since it is not that far. I got there on time and was given some tea, was introduced to a few people then the meeting began.

The meeting was between me and two ladies. So the first question I was asked ‘What car do you drive?’ I swear to God I am not lying, Yo!! That question was a shock cause in my head I was like what’s the connection between the car and the campaign? Or did they see me through the window and decided to test my honesty? But anyway I was truthful and answered, ‘I don’t own a car actually I came here using a matatu’ and then I was asked some questions related to music which I can’t recall,” he narrated in a tweet.

Then added, “After the interview was done nikaambia ‘don’t call us we are going to get in touch if you have made the cut’ meeting ikaisha hivyo mimi huyo mguu mpaka tao mathree no4 mpaka mtaani. Kufika home everyone was awaiting the good news sadly I told them ‘I don’t think I will be successful’ but I can recall what my mom and Clemo’s mother told me, ‘be patient your time is coming.’ After a few months, the billboard was up with other artists and not us. The most important thing is we believed so much in ourselves we never gave up and continued working hard in releasing songs. Who is God? After two years I became the Brand ambassador for Motorola and that is how my journey to the corporate world began. I hope the lady who asked me about the car saw us making it! Never give up on your dreams no matter what!! GENGE TO THE WORLD!!!”

Jua Cali has been sharing how his music journey began and how he branded himself. Last week, he detailed how tensed he was in his first radio interview.

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