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Jua Cali’s wife opens up on family challenges

So many people may fall in love with the glitzy life of a celebrity but they may not be aware of the sacrifices they have to make so as to maintain the lifestyle.

Genge singer Lily Asigo has shared her take on this situation.

Asigo, who doubles up as the better half of musician Paul Nunda, alias Jua Cali, has revealed to what extent she and her rapper husband have gone to deny themselves.

Lily explains, in a social media post, that the couple has had to feed on Ugali and Sukuma Wiki (kale) with no meat so as to save money to build their house.

“I met this man when he had already bought land and started building. Yes we finished it together and it wasn’t easy, nothing was given to us for free or at discounted prices, it was all sweat! That is how you come to appreciate hard work and value things in life cz (because) you know exactly what it takes. Ugali/sukuma tulikula na tulikua tu Sawa,” Lily Asigo posted.

All this she says has paid off and they are in the process of building their second home.

“I’m super excited because this time round we are doing everything together from start to finish. I realised I broke his heart whenever I made comments like ‘I wish this wall was over there and this fireplace was on that other side…blah blah.’ So this time round I’ll make all the decisions (I hope) ??,” Lily Asigo said.

Jua Cali and Lily have been married for eight years and share three children.