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Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge owns man who asked why she isn’t married

Popular Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge has owned a man who shamed her for “not getting married and having babies”.

The man Viscount K’Owuor had on Monday made a lengthy post calling out empowered women for who think they do not need a man because they are indepenent.

“Pauline Njoroge should take advantage of her success as a female Jubilee hustler to get pregnant and start a family. Women empowerment should not undermine the family as a basic economic and social unit. Instead, it should contribute towards its vitality,” he wrote.

“One mistake that empowered woman imagine is that the moment you become economically independent you don’t need a man as a requisite variable to founding a family. Accordingly, a national census of women who are financially independent will also reveal a common negative attitude towards marriage, because financial independence is construed as freedom from a man’s authority. Yet you will realize that there is no absolute freedom, instead every freedom comes with responsibility, and the greater the freedom, the greater the responsibility.”


But the blogger turned the tables on the troll, schooling him on the reasons women delay marriages and having babies.

“I am so sick and tired of being judged by people who don’t know me. People who have never met me, people who don’t know my story, my struggles and my tears,” started Ms Njoroge.

“What does he know about my life to decide what I do not want ? Does he know if I have a spouse in the first place? or I have been trying to get a baby in vain or I am trying to work out a relationship so that the baby follows? Or if I am just in a place of prayer that these things work out in God’s plan? What does he know about me so that he may stand to judge and confidently analyze why I am yet to get a family or children?”

K’Owuor later made an apology, titling it “My Public Apology to Ms Pauline Njoroge”.

“From my conversation with trusted sources it has come to my realization that I made certain erroneous assumptions on the person of Ms Pauline Njoroge, consequent to which her reputation as a responsible and conscientious young lady has been damaged,” he wrote.


“Not to mention casting her professional image into bad light. I wish to offer my unreserved apologies and ask for forgiveness unconditionally.”

She later forgave him: “Thank you Viscount for this apology. You are forgiven.”

She added: “The important thing to learn from that incident today is that we should never make conclusions about people if we don’t have a front row seat in their lives to understand the reasons behind their situations or decisions. Live and let live. This matter now rests.”