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How times have changed for these Jubilee bloggers and keyboard warriors

Barely 18-months ago, a group of bloggers and politicians seemed all too keen to drum up support for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

Woe unto to you if you had the temerity to say anything they perceived critical of the president and deputy.

They would prompted rip you apart and feed you to the blood-thirty online wolves.

How times change! In this era of the ‘Handshake’, these very same people no longer see anything right in President Kenyatta’s government.

Here are a few:

1. Pauline Njoroge – She is believed to have deep connections in the political hierarchy and describes herself as a digital media strategist. During the political campaign period, she stuck her head out in support of Team UhuRuto.

Her favourite punching bag back then happened to be the opposition leader Raila Odinga and his Nasa brigade.

A year later, she’s said be grabbing all photo opportunities with Baba and while at it, questioning the endless mega-corruption cases linked to the President Kenyatta’s government.

2. Dennis Itumbi – A hard one. In 2017, he dedicated his time and resources to share live feed of probably every single Uhuru Kenyatta campaign rally via his Facebook page.

He also went to great lengths to portray Mr Odinga as the worst President the country would ever have if he won the election.

Many months after the elections, Itumbi has clearly lost favour and influence within the echelons of power.

Not too long ago he loudly complained about the delayed release of his close friend Jackie Maribe from police custody.

Give it to him, the one-time journalist is a very smart lad.

Today Itumbi has transformed himself into Deputy President William Ruto’s unofficial spokesperson on social media.

And boy, doesn’t he know how to spin a yarn about every topic under the sun!

3. Washington Makondigo – He was also part of the pro-UhuRuto and anti-Raila keyboard warriors. He spared no effort to mud-sling Baba.

Now he is questioning the government’s game-plan in starting up a whole new registration patch for citizens.

4. Moses Kuria – The Gatundu South Member of Parliament’s contribution towards UhuRuto’s election cannot be gainsaid.

This is the man who mobilised traditional ‘elders’ and dread-locked youths with bloodshot eyes from hell knows where to ‘cleanse’ Uhuru Park on the eve of Odinga’s mock swearing in of January 30, 2018.

His acerbic remarks directed at the Mr Odinga and his family are legendary.

That has since changed – not that he loathes Baba any less.

Lately Kuria has been keeping himself busy accusing the very same government he campaigned long and hard for of neglecting the people of Central Kenya.