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How Jubilee bloggers tried to undermine Supreme Court Judgement

By NAHASHON MUSUNGU September 21st, 2017 2 min read

In what played out like a rehearsed script, senior government officials and Jubilee sympathizers went all out to trash the Supreme Court ruling even before it was read out in full by the Judges on Wednesday.

This move would thereafter be replicated by thousands of the ruling party’s followers on the cyberspace leading to demonstrations in parts of the country and a scathing statement from Chief Justice David Maraga.

It is Dennis Itumbi,State House Director of Digital Communication, who kick-started this onslaught, by uploading a series of documents on his social media accounts while claiming they were enough proof the Judges were not neutral in their judgement.

Interestingly, Itumbi also borrowed the “Wakora” (thugs) slang President Uhuru Kenyatta had used to describe the Supreme Court Judges on September 1.

Thereafter, all hell broke lose as one after the other, pro-bloggers went all out to down play the importance of the ruling, while picking any noticeable errors from the judges such as their pronunciation of words.

Deputy President William Ruto joined in, criticizing Maraga and terming the court’s judgement as a “coup”.