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Jubilee ‘darling’ boy gives the President a letter

Ryan Mwenda, the youngest comedian whose face has become familiar with Jubilee events on Saturday gave a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ryan, who was first unveiled during the launch of the Jubilee coalition manifesto back in 2012, electrified the crowd in Kasarani on Saturday before hugging the President and giving him a letter.

The eight-year-old has been performing in most state events since the Jubilee government came into power.

His appearance during the Nakuru thanksgiving rally after the International Criminal Court’s statement that the prosecutor lacked sufficient evidence to charge the deputy president, Ryan wrote a note for the President.


After his performance, the young boy whispered to the President who asked his aide to give Ryan a notebook where the boy wrote down something.

Ryan shared the Nakuru photo on Thursday captioning it, “Oh God remember me..”

It is still unclear what Ryan’s request to the president was at the time but on Saturday in Kasarani, the young boy was armed with a letter.

He chatted with the president for some seconds before opening the letter and showing him what was written before he handed it him.

The president pocketed the letter in his light blue jeans as Ryan greeted the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.