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Jubilee Party takes members recruitment online

Jubilee Party’s launch of a national registration of members is underway at Kasarani gymnasium in Nairobi.

The exercise has been tipped a possible one-stop solution to party membership list and headaches associated with party nominations.

Already, Deputy President William Ruto has arrived at the venue where President Uhuru Kenyatta will also introduce the party’s registration smart cards.

The card has a unique bar code that will capture the member’s details including name, identity card number and their phone numbers.


The card will cost Sh20 and only those members who will have acquired it will be allowed to vote in the party nomination.

“No one will be able to vote more than once in nominations as Jubilee goes smart. You can also be manually registered at our county branch offices,” Mr Raphael Tuju, the head of the Jubilee Party Secretariat told the Nation.

After receiving the card, members will be required to send an SMS to 30553 to activate the card.

During nominations, the bar code will be scanned to ascertain authenticity of membership and the card.

Jubilee Party’s meeting comes just two days after the opposition, in a show of might, vowed to unseat President Kenyatta in the August elections.