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Judges snub posh offices

The Elgon Place building, intended to be occupied by the Court of Appeal judges is as flashy from the outside as it is inside.

Fitted with a wide range of multi-media facilities and technology equipment, it easily passes the test of what a modern court building should look like.

The four storey building has court rooms with elegant finishing, located in the first three floors, fitted with cameras and large screens to enable the public in attendance to follow proceedings in comfort.

It is a sharp contrast to the usual hard wooden or concrete seats in ordinary courts.

In addition, they are sufficiently spaced to ease movement and have enough waiting areas where the public who are yet to be served can comfortably sit.

The judges and lawyers can also access free wireless network to enable them easily and quickly access material online, useful, especially in the litigation process.

More so, each of the judges has an office where he or she can retire to write judgment or use to prepare before coming to court.

On top of the building is an open space ideal for outdoor meetings and can be used for, among others, hosting evening cocktails where other than enjoying the cool breeze, one can get a view of the city and its environs.

The design of the building is such that security of judges is enhanced. The public can see but not reach the judges.

However, utilisation of these many privileges by the Court of Appeal judges is still far from being realised as they have rejected the place, citing radiation fears from the nearby telecommunication masts.

According to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) chairman Eric Mutua, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and LSK have agreed that they will allow an expert adequate time to carry out research and provide comprehensive report on radiation fears.