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Judy Nyawira opens up on inhuman relatives

Judy Nyawira has shared the tough and challenging experiences she endured while growing up.

In an interview on the Lynn Ngugi Show, the content creator took the audience down memory lane, recalling how all was well until the year 2000 when her dad breathed his last.

“When I was in primary four, we relocated to Nairobi. At the time, dad was working at the Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC). Two years later, he suffered a stroke. He was then retrenched and we had to relocate to the village. My mum was a stay home wife at the time. Relocating was not easy because of the cultural shocks,” she explained.

Adding: “In-laws did what they do best. At some point, they chased us from our home and we had to temporarily stay with our grandmother. They even possessed our belongings.”

That move forced Judy’s mother to seek legal redress over harassment, she says, and earned a favourable court ruling.

“We received an order restraining our relatives from harassing us.”

Judy says the experience of seeing her mother belittled and at the mercy of people became her driving force to work hard.

“I would accompany mom to the market where we would sweep for as low as Sh200. Starting from scratch was hard,” she says.

“Our breakthrough came when mom got a job in Karatina town. I was in High School at that time and life gradually changed for the better. Mom could now afford to escort me to a supermarket and buy me biscuits, blue band, and other goodies plus give me Sh500 pocket money before I left for school.”

Judy, a second born in a family of four, notes that when her mother accumulated enough savings to buy a piece of land, she went back to their house in Kibirigwi and demolished their five-bedroom ancenstral house to the ground.

“That is when I knew my mom was done with that side of my relatives. She only took some stones that were good enough, metals for the windows and doors, and left ready to build her house in Karatina,” she says.

Among the projects Judy is currently involved with is the Mkurugenzi show.

Aside from posting content on her YouTube channel, Judy has also done successful projects with renowned content creators including Abel Mutua, Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye.

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