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Juliani and King Kaka in a foul-mouth spat over concert

Hip hop artists Rabbit alias King Kaka and Juliani have taken to Instagram to diss each other over an concert that is to be hosted by Juliani.

Rabbit took to his page and uploaded a photo written, “Wacha Ufala Bana!!”

He captioned the photo with a long explanation of how he respects Juliani, but that the gospel rapper’s  recent unkind words towards him on social media had prompted him to respond.

Unajua poa hii mambo ya King I had never put up any poster kuPromo hiyo event ‘yako‘ (since wewe ndio uliianzisha), the reason Ni you couldn’t afford me (wacha vile wewe unaisema kwa ngoma) nikakushow hiyo pesa ni zygote na roho safi nikajitoa , naambiwa juzi ati sijui unayap kwa pages , hiyo ni Ufala . Wewe fanya concert yako wacha kunitaja ndio uuze ticket.


Rabbit went on and advertised Juliani’s upcoming gig, adding that he had even bought a ticket to support the gospel artiste though he will not attend because he has been booked for another event.

Wacha mimi nirudi kazini , hii talk mingi haipiki rice. Na in the 1st place mimi ndio nilisema wacheni vita kwa media tukutane tupigane na mistari; When u can afford me sema, This is the last time ntaongelea hio mambo ya King mafans washasema, Ukitaka toa diss 55 mimi niko busy kwa studio na fanya kazi trying to push Kenyan Music beyond borders, Niambie unadrop album when nikuje bado mimi ni fan,” concluded Rabbit.

Juliani had earlier on posted on his Instagram a claim that rappers Khaligraph and Rabbit had bailed out of the show.


“Yo fav rappers have thrown the towel, wanaogopa kuoshwa. Declined to participate for #WhoisKing 30/01. Good news THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We have Kayvo Kforce, Kaa La Moto, 3 Hand music, Point Blank, Dandora HipHop City,” he wrote.

The beef between the hip hop artistes started in November last year when Kinga Kaka, Khaligraph and Octoppizzo posed for a photo during the Janet Ikua concert.

Juliani picked up the photo and shared it on Twitter writing; “The only one with more bars than the three combined is me.”

He also uploaded videos captioning one of them; “Not trying to argue with these kids who’s King.”