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Juliani breaks silence over split from Brenda Wairimu

Hip Hop singer Juliani has revealed that he is no longer together with the mother of his child, actress Brenda Wairimu.

In a one on one interview with K24 news Anchor Betty Kyallo, Juliani confirmed the rumours that have been circulating on social media for a while, saying that he broke up with Brenda two years ago.

The decision to separate, he says, was amicable and has not interfered with how they are raising their daughter.


“We haven’t been together for almost two years, with Brenda. She is a great mother, she is a good human being and she has been helpful, helping me raise my child, understanding. So as a person namwombea mema. Naomba God afungue njia yake in all the things she is planning to do,” said Juliani.

He added: “I still spend time with my daughter. I spent like four days with her just the other day kwa hao. I try my level best to be there, but I spend as much time with her. At least the mother is helpful in that she is always trying to make me spend more time with her, even when najidai niko busy.

But he is not ready to get into a relationship anytime soon, because he wants the next time to be different than before.

“Sina hiyo time, I do not need it in my life. So me this time nikiwa in a relationship it won’t be “give me, give me, give me” it will be all about what can I give to make it thrive. Ukiwa kwa hii environment yangu hata kama the next day hautanilike but utasema, my experience with this guy I became a better person. Nikifika hiyo level nitashukuru mungu sana,” said the Barua ya Ocampo hit maker.

Brenda and Juliani started dating in 2015.