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Julie Gichuru narrates her near-death experience onboard an aeroplane

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 29th, 2018 1 min read

Television presenter Julie Gichuru has narrated on Instagram how she missed death by a whisker on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Gichuru said that the airplane she was travelling to Rwanda in aborted landing twice due to bad weather and she was not aware of that until the aeroplane touched down.

She said that she was listening to music through her earphones and was not aware of the “two dangerous encounters.”


“I had earphones on, listening to music – loud, as I often do. I had no idea that we had two dangerous encounters. If we went down I would have been oblivious till the last few seconds. Being present in the moment is an important thing… Or, is it?” she wrote.

Interestingly, in her own account, while she was listening to music other passengers were praying.


So scary was the situation that one John Seel recorded a goodbye video for his mother since he believed that they were not going to make it.

Ms Gichuru said that the incident taught her two lessons, one being the importance of going through a less travelled path.

“I was very impressed with my profound thought! As people prayed and recorded goodbye videos for loved ones I was marvelling at the terrain and taking pictures thinking to myself,” she posted.