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How Julie Gichuru ‘protects’ her children online but exposes other people’s kids

Former TV presenter Julie Gichuru is super protective of her children online but exposes other people’s children.

A spot check by Nairobi News on Gichuru’s Instagram account showed that she never shares a revealing photo of her children.

The mother of four prefers sharing photos that feature her children’s unrecognizable features such as forehead and shoulders.

The practice of not sharing revealing photos that clearly identify children is often used by parents for their children’s safety.

Best thing about this trip is travelling with my eldest, he’s just come back from community work in Kajiado, building toilets & classrooms, and working on gabions. Now he is on his way to DRC ?? #AfricaRising #Youth #BetterThanUs ???

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Her choice to share other parent’s children is however in a sharp contrast of her protective side.

In one instance, the mother of four shared only the shoulder of her first born son who was seated next to her in the back seat of a car.

What is surprising however is that she recently shared a full image of a toddler who came visiting in her office.

From the photo, the toddler is recognizable and she even tagged the child’s parent.

Gichuru’s act of sharing a full image of the child is also in total contrast with how she chooses to only share her other son’s forehead in one of her photos.

In a past photo shared online, the ex-anchor had one of her son’s pictured but he held an object that covered the lower part of his face making him unrecognizable.

Gichuru has however in the past shared a family portrait with all her children when they were young.