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Julie Gichuru urges African Youth to lead change

Kenyan media personality Julie Gichuru commended over 600 African students for their refusal to conform to the status quo and urged them to embrace their potential as catalysts for change in a stirring address at the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi.

The thriving entrepreneur, known for her insightful commentary and advocacy, engaged with the vibrant cohort of young Africans at the East Africa Model United Nations conference. Reflecting on the current global landscape, she expressed her admiration for their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

“In a world of increasing complexity and turmoil, I am inspired by young Africans who, by and large, have refused to fall into the ‘business as usual’ mindset. I am constantly inspired and challenged by the passion of young people,” Gichuru stated.

Among the highlights of the event was a powerful speech delivered by Asmara Farah of Light International Academy, who captivated the audience with her impassioned words. Farah emphasized the importance of leveraging one’s skills, confidence, and knowledge to champion principles and effect meaningful change.

“There is immense hope I have in our generation to end the cycles that we are seeing today,” Farah declared. “No one can take away your moral compass. No one can take away your principles.”

Gichuru echoed Farah’s sentiments, offering her own message of encouragement and empowerment to the young attendees:

You are Africa: With 70% of Africa’s population comprised of young people, Gichuru emphasized their pivotal role in shaping the continent’s future.

Initiate Change: Urging action, Gichuru implored the youth to start making a difference today, underscoring the importance of taking the first step.

Learn from Failure: Embracing failure as a valuable learning experience, she encouraged resilience and growth in the face of setbacks.

Stay Resilient: Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Gichuru reminded the audience to remain steadfast and focused amidst life’s storms.

Embrace Courage: Highlighting the necessity of courage in effecting change, she urged the youth to boldly pursue their aspirations.

Unity and Support: Stressing the power of solidarity, Gichuru emphasized the importance of young Africans standing together, supporting one another, and amplifying their collective voice.

In her closing remarks, Gichuru expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with the young leaders, lauding their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

“It was such an honor to be with you all! Thank you for having me,” she concluded.

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