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Junet Mohamed makes controversial claim on Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji’s political ambitions

Suna East lawmaker Junet Mohamed, has denounced the ongoing leadership dispute brewing within the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA).

The lawmaker allied to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) part expressed concern over the unhealthy conflicts, particularly arising from lawmakers seen as future leaders.

Echoing his sentiments on the disputes surrounding the leadership of young parliamentarians’ association, the legislator stated that the outcomes are mirroring those of their senior counterparts.

Hence, Junet stressed that the issue of conflicting lawmakers should be addressed promptly before it escalates.

“The problem of segregation in parliament needs to be addressed. Transferring this issue from the senior ranks to the youth will create future problems,” Mr Junet stated during a debate at the National Assembly on Thursday, August 10.

The discussion came a few days after a group of new youthful MPs announced leadership changes within KYPA.

They disagreed with their senior colleagues over who should assume leadership positions.

Manyatta MP, Gitonga Mukunji, was named as the association’s interim chair, replacing his counterpart from Mathira, Eric Wamumbi, who reportedly resigned upon learning of the planned leadership changes.

The changes were announced on August 2, 2023, with the young parliamentarians citing inactivity and integrity issues among the outgoing officials.

Additional lawmakers who assumed leadership positions within the association include nominated MP Amina Siyad, who replaced Embakasi East legislator, Babu Owino as Secretary General, and Keiyo South’s Gideon Kimaiyo, who stepped into the nominated senator Hezena Lemaletian’s role as the treasurer.

In a critical remark aimed at MP Mukunji, Mr Junet asserted that the ongoing conflicts indicate that if Mukunji were to become the Kenyan president, he would not be a dependable leader.

“Mukunji will be an ineffective president if he assumes that position,” the outspoken ODM lawmaker declared before the assembly.

He added, “I foresee him becoming a president, but not while I am still here.”

KYPA is a caucus composed of young lawmakers within the assembly.​

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