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Just days after ‘breaking up’, Diamond buys Zuchu customized diamond necklace

Are they still in a relationship or not? It seems no one is now able to make sense of what is really going on between former lovers Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu.

This is after Diamond was captured on video buying a custom made diamond necklace for Zuchu. The necklace had the letter Z attached to it. It also had the head of Zuchu covered in diamonds as the pendant.

The two celebrities recently declare that their relationship had ended. Zuchu said she is now single while Diamond claimed that their relationship had only been like that of a brother and sister.

The Waah hitmaker is notoriously known for his Kiki or stunts when it comes to pushing his music and many his fans believe this could be his way of pushing Zuchu’s newly released song Utaniua to gain popularity.

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Diamond made public his relationship with Zuchu last year in a romantic message, he also shared photos and videos of the two of them making out.

Zuchu was signed into the Wasafi label in April 2020. At the time Diamond was fresh from breaking up with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. The couple dated for almost a year and went their separate ways immediately after the birth of their son.

If you have been following the Jeje hitmaker career online and offline then you are already aware that he has a thing for the ladies.

In fact, despite being one of the top artistes in East Africa the only thing it seems he can’t do is to stay single.

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That is why the same year when Zuchu started gaining popularity as a singer she had to set the record straight when rumours started making rounds that she was dating her boss.

At the time she claimed that Diamond wasn’t interested in her and, as a matter of fact, he was always offering her pieces of advice on how to deal with men eyeing her.

Zuchu also insisted that Diamond was only looking out for her as his young sister and he was afraid that without proper mentorship she could easily end up getting distracted by male suitors.

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