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Just let my wife be, Alikiba tells prying public

By Thomas Matiko December 19th, 2019 1 min read

Bongo flava star Alikiba wants critics to let his wife be. For the longest time, word has been going round that his marriage to Kenyan beauty Amina Khalef is on the rocks after just two years of marriage.

In a recent interview Alikiba had with a leading Tanzanian showbiz blog, the question on the state of their marriage was brought up.

A visibly irritated Alikiba, who had been calm throughout the interview, suddenly went ballistic before storming out of the interview set.

“Mke wa nani? Sasa mke wa kwangu wewe anakuhusu nini? Mke wangu achana nao. Huyo ni wangu mimi nimeoa, achana nao. Waachane naye ni mke wangu mimi. Kama hayawahusu, hayawahusu. That’s it,” he responded before walking out.

Alikiba and Amina married in April 2018 in two lavish ceremonies held in Mombasa and Dar es Salaam. The two welcomed their first child and Alikiba’s fourth last September.


But the happy marriage soon started experiencing problems and sometime in September Alikiba was forced to address rumours that the couple had parted ways and Amina back at her parents’ home in Mombasa.

Back then, Alikiba confirmed that his wife had indeed gone back to Mombasa, but said there was no disagreement between them.

In his explanation Alikiba said they had decided that Amina should go back to Mombasa to continue with her job and also agreed on visiting each other regularly.

But even so, the rumours have refused to die down. Media reports from Tanzania now indicate that all is not well in the marriage, despite the couple’s best efforts to make up.