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Just what’s the official time for city husbands to return home? Wives share answers

A woman lit up social media on Sunday with a question touching on the hot potato issue among Nairobi married couples.

The woman, obviously in distress, posted in the famous closed Facebook group Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums seeking advise on what she thought to be an important issue.

“What’s the official time for husbands to come home? Nisaidie plz,” she asked.

The responses she got from fellow women were however surprising. Many urged her to stop fretting on her husband’s time of return and to instead focus  on making herself happy.

“When u see him mama,” answered one group member.

“It depends with his working schedule,” said another group member.

“Now days we don’t have husbands, ni walipa kodi tu na mafans wa mpira,” wrote another online user.

“Please go sleep,” advised another online user.


“No official time for married couples,” commented one group member.

“Ile time atakumbuka njia ya kwake,” remarked another group member.

“Usikonde bure mama, finish your work go n sleep atakuja akitosheka chenye anadu,” said another online user.

“That’s why am having good time on my own. I don’t have to worry about him coming home what time. Stay Single my dear,” commented one online user.

“After 2 dayz,” responded another group member.

“N wked Kama hatashikwa na NTSA na aachiliwe Monday,” said another online user.

“Don’t stress your self ambia make sure you HV internet in your home even f he s late you are busy na udaku kwa chitchat,” remarked another group member.


“If all bills are paid and am not complaining he can come home anytime he feels like. Open for himself and make sure I don’t wake up if he comes late,” wrote one group member.

“Who cares?” asked another group member.

“Ulioleka lini? Wale wa juzi ndio huuliza hivo,kama bado kuzoea wee lala ama unamngoja mkule ?” asked one online user.

“Mimi sijui sababu sisi huonana asubuhi,” wrote anothe