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Justina Wamae: If I was DP, we would have marijuana flour, oil and clothes

By Winnie Mabel February 20th, 2023 2 min read

Justina Wamae, the running mate to Roots Party presidential aspirant George Luchiri Wajackoya, in the recent August 2022 General Election, claimed Kenya would have marijuana products in stores had she and her former party leader won the election.

Speaking over the weekend, the first-time vocal politician- and one of two female running mates in the history of Kenya- said that had she become the deputy president, she would have been reporting to the President and Kenyans of marijuana cooking oil and flour products that would retail for extremely low prices.

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6 months later, As Deputy President, I would be reporting:

1. Cohort 1 of 50,000 youth would be multimillionaires

2. Unga millers would have Unga ya bhangi kwa shillings hamsini tuu (selling for Sh 50 only).

3. Cooking oil ya bhangi (marijuana cooking oil) would retail at Ksh 20 per litre, and so forth.

4. Cohort 2 of the Employment Initiative reports to Kulalu Galana. Cohort 1 would have received proceeds of bhangi.

5. Rivertex would be roaring since bhangi raw material for textiles is received =Nguo za bhangi (clothes made from marijuana fibre) Money used as capital for industrial investment. #INATUHUSU,” said Justina Wamae.

One of the pillars the Roots Party campaigned on was the legalization of marijuana and also classifying it as a cash crop like Kenya’s tea and coffee that is exported and renowned worldwide.

While on their campaign path, Justina Wamae was quoted in media saying that marijuana flour would be a cheaper alternative to maize and wheat flour as Kenyans experienced the highest rate of infaltion in the country.

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She was of the opinion that marijuana flour would make a better alternative to wheat flour in making chapati.

“The truth is that we have suffered for 30 years. For one year, we can persevere. Kenyans need an honest leader, politricks has gotten us to this point.

Marijuana also gives flour. If maize flour is expensive, we can look at alternatives to the challenges. If maize flour is costly, we can use Marijuana flour to make ugali and chapati. Marijuana seeds also make cooking oil,” she said in July 2022.

Her sentiments were met with mixed reactions, as sampled by Nairobi News below:

“This comrade had such a concrete and focused agenda for a transformed Kenya. In your capacity outside the government corridors, aren’t there any practical ways in which you can bring to life this vision…?” asked Tyson Odoo Juma.

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“Know what your target audienc likes. Most Kenyans are religious and they get offended when they hear advocacy of Canabis sativa, weed, Ganja, holy herb, bangh or whatever you call that hallucinogen. Look for another cause if you want to survive in Kenyan politics,” added Kushtwit.

I use hemp seed oil shower gel and oil here in Europe, everytime I use them I remember your eloquence during the 2022 deputy presidential debate. Hemp seed oil is just amazing on my skin,” said Nancy Okalo.

Justina this project should be given to you. You have all the tips of transformation using bhangi! Nyesor,” added Arap Matinyi.

However, Wajackoyah and Wamae came in third to President William Ruto and his main opponent, Raila Odinga. Waihiga Mwaure came in fourth among all four presidential candidates.

What do you think of this? Do let us know in the comments.

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