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Justina Wamae: MPs delayed salaries a wake up call

Justina Wamae has called out parliamentarians for lamenting that they are yet to receive their March salaries.

Wamae faulted the lawmakers for not fighting to better the economy at the expense of Kenyans arguing the shoe was now on the other foot.

Wamae, a deputy presidential candidate in the 2022 polls, shared that ordinary Kenyans have experienced unemployment and delayed salaries for years.

Further, she asked the MPs to prioritize growing the economy saying it was the only way out of this mess of delayed salaries.

This comes hours after Opiyo Wandayi, the National Assembly Minority leader, wondered where the revenue generated by the government was being channeled to.

“Now they are talking because they are feeling the pinch. It is evident that the economy is not doing well. Government and opposition have a choice but to push bills that are focused on agrarian, industrial, and export revolutions. They have no choice but to grow the economy,” she said.

Normally, MPs receive their salaries between the 26th and 30th day of each month. Wandayi decried that apart from MPs, other civil servants have also been affected by the delayed salaries except for the members of the security sector, including the military and police, and teachers.

“For the first time since independence in 1963, the government of Kenya is unable to pay salaries to civil servants and members of parliament on time. Nearly all civil servants don’t know when or if they will ever be paid. The situation has been degenerating progressively since December last year,” said Wandayi.

The Azimio la Umoja- One Kenya Alliance coalition has since demanded that parliament undertake an inquiry on the financial and economic crisis building up in Kenya.

The Raila Odinga-led coalition wants to know what the government did with the money it saved when it scrapped subsidies on basic goods saying they need an explanation before Kenya collapses like other African countries.

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