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Justina Wamae: My dad did not approve the bhang manifesto

Roots Party presidential running mate Justina Wamae has revealed her recent political stance out her at loggerheads with her parents.

Wamae was running mate to presidential candidate George Wajackoyah in the August 2022 polls. The presidency ticket finished third, behind President-elect William Ruto and Raila Odinga, but ahead of Wahiga Mwaure.

Some of her campaign policies if elected include advocating for the commercialization of marijuana, a move she says her family opposed.

“I disagreed with my parents. My dad is a choir member in church. It has been a struggle for me especially with my parents cause there was a time we weren’t in talking terms,” she discloses.

Justina adds she had to outshine herself in the running mate debate so as to change the mentality of her family members and friends.

Roots Party was famed for its bhang manifesto which attracted love and criticism in equal measure.

Wamae did not go through the criticism alone.

Wajackoyah was also criticized by religious leaders who warned their faithful of his ideals, labeling them immoral and unethical.

In rebuttal, Wajackoyah shot back at the clergy accusing them of being hypocrites claiming their churches receive money gotten from unscrupulous dealings and yet they do not say a word about it.

Wamae is at crossroads with her party’s presidential candidate and was recently summoned for a disciplinary action.